SDMTA Student Competitions

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Save the dates!

This year our state competitions and conference will be held entirely online on November 5-7. Competitions will be judged through video submissions, and all events with guest artist Ivo Kahánek at Northern State University will be streamed. Although this is not ideal, our priority is student safety. Your continued participation is, as always, critical to our mission and greatly appreciated. Let us demonstrate our dedication and perseverance despite the circumstances, and enroll record numbers this Fall! Discover more information on NSU and Aberdeen at and

How to Record SDMTA Competition Videos
Instructions for recording videos for the 2020 SDMTA student competitions

SDMTA is following many of the same guidelines that MTNA requires for divisional videos. The following points are taken from the MTNA divisional video submission site:

  • Videos must be of high quality. Click here for tips about recording your videos.
  • Video recording must be made with one fixed camera angle/location, focused such that the performer and the accompanist (if applicable) are visible at all times.
  • Videos must contain all repertoire listed on the original application. Entrants should NOT introduce themselves or announce the piece being recorded.
  • Each piece (including individual movements of a larger work) must be uploaded as an individual video file. No editing is allowed. Only repertoire originally written for unaccompanied instrument or voice may be performed without an accompanist.
  • Check videos for sound quality prior to uploading.

We have a few additions for the state competitions. This includes MTNA state-level auditions:

  • At the beginning of every video, someone (the student, teacher, or parent, etc) must display an SDMTA sign indicating the contestant number. This must be done in the same take, close to the camera so it is visible. A template of this sign is at the end of this document. Simply print it out and write the contestant number on it.
  • Name the video files appropriately. The format must be: contestant #_title of piece_movement (use roman numerals).
    For example:
    3_Piano Sonata Op 81A_II
    No more details are required in the file name; the judges will have the full program pages.
  • Use your preferred method (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.) to upload the video files in one single folder. Send the folder link to the appropriate chair (make sure the files are downloadable). The link to the videos must be submitted to the category chair by 11:59 pm Central Time, Nov 5, 2020.
  • Scans of scores are not allowed. Repertoire lists will be sent to judges.